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nder the burden of that ownership.{9●} It would have been a comfort, ▓however, if we coul



d have gathered● up something from my father’s large pr●operty, but we did not.Just be▓for


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e the war my mother’s brot●her, Captain Tom Petigru, of ▓the navy, died, leaving a childles


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s ▓widow.She lived in Charleston, in ●her beautiful home with large yard and gar▓den, at th


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e corner of Bull and Rutledge St▓reets, and was a rich woman, as riches were coun●ted in tho



se days—owning a large farm i▓n Abbeville County, where the Giberts and ●Petigrus had origi

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Ordinary features

  • nally settled, and also● a rice

  • -plantation, “Pipe Down,” ▓on Sandy I

  • sland on the Waccamaw, not f●ar from

  • my father’s estates, ●also one

  • hundred negroes.As▓ soon as Uncle Tom

  • up the b


Special features

  • died, Aunt Ann wrote ▓to my fat

  • her, asking him as a● great favor to bu

  • y her plantation and negro▓es, as she

  • felt quite unequal to the man●

  • agement and care of them.My father repli

  • urden of


luxury features

  • ed im●mediately that it was imp

  • ossible for● him to comply with her req

  • uest, that he ha●d his hands full man

  • aging his own property,▓ and th

  • at he specially felt he ha▓d already mo

  • the own


  • john doe

    re negroes than he desired.▓Aunt Ann continued her entreati●es.Then the negroes from Pipe Down began● to send deputations over to beg my f●ather to buy them.Phili

  • Robert Smith

    p Washington, a▓ very tall, very black man, a● splendid specimen of the negro race, after ▓two generations of slavery, was their spokesman▓.My uncle had been devo

  • Steve Smith

    ted to Phili●p, and considered him far above the average n●egro in every way, and in his will had given ●him his freedom, along with two or three●


ership of▓ the one hundre

others; he pleaded the caus●e of his fri

ends with much eloquence, say●ing they had fixed on him as the one own●er they desired.Then my uncle, ●James L.Petigru, entered the lists, and ●appealed to my father’s chivalry for his ol●

d people my father ●left me i

d and feeble sister-in-law, an●d to the i

ntense feeling of the n●egroes, who had selected him for their fut●ure owner, and were perfectly miserable at ▓his ref, l—if it were a question▓ of money, he argued, my father need not hes

n his will (all mentioned

i▓tate, as “Sister Ann” did not d▓esir

e any cash payment; she greatly preferred ●a bond and mortgage, and the inte▓rest paid yearly, as that would be the be●st investment she could have.● At last my father yielded, and made a sm

by na●me), with a pretty rice

all cas●h payment, giving his bond and a

mo●rtgage for the rest.The deed was done—th●e Pipe Down people were overj▓oyed, and the debt assumed.▓This debt it was which rendered my ●father’s estate insolvent at the end of ▓the war

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, for he died in 1864.The

slaves ▓having been freed


the property was ▓gon

e, but the debt remain

ed in▓ mortgages on his landed estates,● which had all to be

sold.The plant●ations were: Chicora Wood, 890 acr●es, Dit

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